Jesse ist Herzblutangler schon seit Kindesalter. Aus diesem Grund hat er sich bis zum heutigen Zeitpunkt bereits ein umfangreiches Fachwissen aneignen können. Gerade in Sachen Raubfischangeln mit Spinnerbaits auf Hecht und Zander konnte er beachtliche Erfolge erzielen. Völlig egal ob in kleinen Gräben, beim Strteetfishing oder auf den großen Wasserflächen des Rheindeltas - Jesse fühlt sich überall zuhause. Wir freuen uns mit Jesse ein neues ProStaff-Mitglied in unserer Reihe begrüßen zu dürfen.


Since when are you fishing and how did it come?

I started fishing when I was 6 years old in Italy at lake Garda, my parents bought me a small spinning rod and reel on holiday. Since then I fished every summer for perch. After a few years I participated for a Streetfishing competition near my house 5 years ago. When I was 14 Rocky asked me for his team and that expended in now.


Why S.W.A.T. Fishing?

Simple, it’s a great team with nice people where I can learn from!


Your best fishing experience so far?

My best experience was catching my biggest zander on a really tuff day of fishing.


Where are you oftentimes fishing?

The lakes near my house, out of my boat. And streetfishing in some city's in the Netherlands.


What is the best suggestion you every received?

Not every day is the same, don’t be scared to expiriment with other technique’s or lures.


Any fishing role models?

Some of the BASS Elite anglers in the USA, but I'm more concentrating on my own fishery.


What make lure fishing so special for you?

When you are fishing you can get a strike at any moment, and releasing a big fish.


Whats you favourite technique?

Casting out of a boat. Locating baitfish and structure's. And then casting crankbaits or other lures for pike, perch and zander on big fish.


How should fishing change in Europe in your opinion?

Promoting and explaining the catch and release concept. Giving more tips and tricks at workshops.


Where do you want to fish once in your life?

Bass fishing at Lake Biwa in Japan or Lake Okeechobee.


A lonley island and just 3 baits that you can take with you. What would you pick?

DUO Realis Crank M62 5A, Spinnerbait G1 and A few softbaits from Reins


Whats the most useless fishing tool you ever bought?

Telescope fishing rod.