Da wir auch BeNeLux zu unserem Vertriebsgebiet zählen, darf ein holländischer Field-Tester natürlich nicht fehlen. Rutger's Spezialität ist das Streetfishing, aber auch er hat nun zusammen mit seinem Bruder ein Boot gekauft und wird nicht mehr nur vom Ufer aus den Räubern nachstellen. Rutger engagiert sich außerdem ganz hervorrangend in der Jugendarbeit und gibt viele Workshops für die nächste Generation Angler.


Since when are you fishing and how did it come?
I started fishing since I could walk. Serious, it’s in our blood or something. My whole family are anglers. When I was young my father brought me in contact with fishing. Together with my brother and him we went to the lake in our neighborhood. He taught us how to catch pike, eel, perch and bream.

Why S.W.A.T. Fishing?
S.W.A.T. is something I followed already for a while. The lifestyle they stand for just appeals to me, it is who I am. They stand for quality, fun and good fishing! If you just take a look at the details of the DUO hard baits for example, they just give you confidence. They are just epic!

You best fishing experience so far?
When it’s early in the morning and nothing is around you, and you got a massive bite from a zander or a large perch. It’s just that specific feeling when the silence is broken by the drag sound of your spinning reel. It gives you goose bumps.

Where are you oftentimes fishing?
Mostly I fish in the cities. Where I live we have an old city canal which is connected to the blackwater river. But when I have the occasion then you can find me on the bigger waters and cities.

What is the best suggestion you every received?
Enjoy, learn and don’t limit yourself.

Any fishing role models?
My father, because he learned me all the basics of fishing. My brother, because he has the same passion and is very driven in what he does. The brothers, Rocky & Jeffrey van Duijvenvoorde, for all the tips and tricks they have learned me in the last few years.

What make lure fishing so special for you?
What I really like is the top water fishing. When you see the fish chasing your hard bait, it gives you so much pleasure. Just that idea of a battle that’s starts to begin when he will hit your bait.

Whats you favourite technique?
I like the variation of dropshot, jika-rig, vertical jigging, hard bait ”top water / twitching”

How should fishing change in Europe in your opinion?
In the Netherlands we have Catch & Release. We are very happy that the most anglers are doing this. It’s even more important for the youth that they know what it is. It is our responsibility to inform and stimulate them in catch and release.

Where do you want to fish once in your life?
In the Amazon. Fishing for peacocks is still on top of my list.

A lonley island and just 3 baits that you can take with you. What would you pick?
DUO Realis series doesn’t matter which one. Reins G-tail Saturn 4” Wagasaki, Art Bait DK Shad.

Whats the most useless fishing tool you ever bought?
I bought a pink spinning rod for my girlfriend…. Say’s enough!

Anything else you want to say?
Learn every day and every time, and enjoy the moments. That will make you a better angler.